Yennefer’s Story Continues

By Jacqueline Baird Precursor: This article is a continuation of my last entry, Yennifer’s story. If you have not yet read the first body of work please go back and do so before continuing. Or not, it’s up to you, whatever floats your boat. Now, let’s get back to the story.  When we last sawContinue reading “Yennefer’s Story Continues”

Why We Should Animate Our Fantasies

By: Holly Ross In my last article, I discussed the downsides of live-action remakes and why so many of them seem to fall flat. Visual limitations, directors that don’t care about the integrity of the plot, and too much subjectivity are just a few of the reason this failure occurs. A lot of fans would love to see their favoriteContinue reading “Why We Should Animate Our Fantasies”

Let’s be Real: Live-Action Sucks

By: Holly Ross Whenever a new live-action adaptation drops, whether a Netflix series or a big box-office blockbuster, I find myself scrolling through social media, taking in all the scathing complaints, reading through the angry reviews, and laughing. People have stopped giving live-action a chance: as soon as a new adaptation gets announced, people areContinue reading “Let’s be Real: Live-Action Sucks”

The Witcher Is Slavic, And It Isn’t

By Benjamin Rose Among the most commonly applied predicates to The Witcher is the notion that it is a “Slavic” fantasy, Slavic being an umbrella term for the various ethnicities that make up the nations of Eastern Europe, such as Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, Albanians, Serbs etc. This is notable largely because while Slavs are monolithically White, theyContinue reading “The Witcher Is Slavic, And It Isn’t”

You Should Really Listen to The Witcher 3 Soundtrack

By Holly Ross When you first load up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you’re met with a cinematic, and dare I say epic, opening scene. It’s complete with a dramatic monologue enhanced by the patter of thunderous rain as the instruments ebb and flow in the background. The rain stops—replaced by metal scraping, monsters growling,Continue reading “You Should Really Listen to The Witcher 3 Soundtrack”

Triss Merigold Is Your Creepy Ex-Girlfriend

By Benjamin Rose, Editor Triss Merigold, once the archetypal “Witcher Waifu ” of male gamers’ dreams, is a polarising figure among fans of the Witcher novels. For starters, despite literally appearing on the Russian cover of Playboy in 2011 to mark the release of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Triss has largely been eclipsedContinue reading “Triss Merigold Is Your Creepy Ex-Girlfriend”