The Continents Aesthetics Part 3

Medieval by Any Other Name:The Skellige Isles and the Effective Use of Trope When Geralt’s journey brings him to the sweeping archipelago of Skellige, he is, for the first time, brough somewhere altogether different, yet somehow familiar. I mentioned in my two earlier analysis of Velen and Novigrad, that those two regions are wholly distinctContinue reading “The Continents Aesthetics Part 3”

In Defense of Filler

By Grayson Why the Witcher’s “monster of the week” model works Two of the largest scale television releases of 2019 with respect to budget, hype, and reception, were the Netflix adaptation of the Witcher and the Disney+ original, The Mandalorian. Now, before I continue, I would like to point out that this will not beContinue reading “In Defense of Filler”

The Continents Aesthetics Part 2

By Grayson Urban Fantasy: An analysis of Novigrad from the Withcher 3: Wild Hunt It is safe to say that Fantasy, as a genre, doesn’t exist in abstraction. Despite its otherworldliness, the genre borrows from our world such that every fantasy universe represents, to some degree, a composite mirror of our own world. This factContinue reading “The Continents Aesthetics Part 2”

Andrzej Sapkowski, A Profile

By Benjamin Rose Note: All quotes in this article are culled from various interviews given 2019-2020, especially those by Gizmodo and Wired. Yes, that is a real quote. Andrzej Sapkowski (pronounced “saf–cough–ski”) is not so much a man of few words as a man of few interviews. When these interviews are granted, however, the wordsContinue reading “Andrzej Sapkowski, A Profile”

The Continent’s Aesthetics Part 1

By Grayson Mugford The first entry in a region-by-region examination of setting in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  The Significance of a Broken World:  Examining the role of a limited landscape in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  From both a narrative and atmospheric perspective, the team behind the Witcher 3: Wild hunt took a riskContinue reading “The Continent’s Aesthetics Part 1”

Commentary: The Voice Of Reason II/A Grain of Truth

Every other Friday, The Path presents an in-depth analysis of one or more short stories or chapters from The Witcher Saga. Today’s installment covers The “Voice Of Reason II” and “A Grain of Truth”. By Benjamin Rose, Editor I open my Friday Commentary Series With “A Grain Of Truth”. The plan is to proceed throughContinue reading “Commentary: The Voice Of Reason II/A Grain of Truth”

Witcher Speculation For S2

Benjamin Rose Benjamin Rose is the founder and Editor of The Second Stylus, formerly known as The Path. He is a student at Catholic University and currently seeking a publisher for his first book, The Road Of Glass. More about author Tuesday we ran an article from Theo recapping the production of Season 2 andContinue reading “Witcher Speculation For S2”

No, Geralt of Rivia Is Not a Sociopath

Originally answered on Quora and reprinted here in response to: Q: Is Geralt of Rivia’s personality similar to a mask off psychopath? A: NO. The extraordinarily persistent and foolish efforts of some Quorans to spin Mr. of Rivia as a sociopath rests on a fundamental misreading of dialogue in the books, games, and show.Continue reading “No, Geralt of Rivia Is Not a Sociopath”