Newsletter 6/28

By Benjamin Rose, Editor

It’s going to be an action-packed week here at the Path. As you’ll see in the coming days, this week we are revamping the site to be more streamlined as well as incorporating new tabs to organize content from other fantasy shows. That said,  The Witcher is still our primary focus. 

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a piece on The Witcher’s history of expansion as a multimedia franchise, from its humble beginning as a one off short story in 1986 to a full-blown entertainment empire today. Along with this I’ll be updating “The Witcherverse And It’s Lore” into a more streamlined page focusing on a comprehensive look at the universe’s mechanics and how they differ across mediums.

On Wednesday Jackie will be doing an analytical piece on Yennefer as a case study in the struggles of women in Continental society.

On Thursday Holly will discuss the concept of neutrality in Blood of Elves.

And on Friday Holly will also discuss the problems of adapting sci-if fantasy novels to the screen, and how a variety of factors and limitations often cause them to turn out for the worse.

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