Newsletter 6/22

By Benjamin Rose, Editor

This week The Path is welcoming new writer Jacquelin Baird to our ranks. She’ll be publishing an article Friday on the groundbreaking role of women in The Witcher Netflix and how it compares to that in CD Projekt Red’s game trilogy. Meanwhile, Holly Ross we’ll be writing a piece for Thursday  on the music of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its role in immersive gameplay. Today, I’ll be presenting a profile on Triss Merigold in her various forms across The Witcher franchise and make an argument for where the show should go with her character in coming seasons. On Wednesday I’ll be releasing the last installment in the protracted Lord of The Rings Amazon piece as well as a discussion of how “Slavic” The Witcher actually is on Friday and whether or not certain choices made by the Netflix production erased this cultural character.

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