Newsletter 6/14

By Benjamin Rose, Editor

This week, The Path will be presenting a multi-media overview of topics in The Witcher franchise as well as a special feature on the headwinds confronting Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings show. This feature has been expanded after being postponed last week, and will include three roughly 1000-1500 word articles running Friday through Sunday on issues facing the production, such as adaptation, casting and race, and marketing pressures. Tomorrow I’ll be publishing an article on the various endings of The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, and why the “best” and “worst” endings should swap titles.On Wednesday, Holly will be publishing a piece on sex and intimacy in The Witcher and how it varies between the books and show.And On Thursday Luca will be publishing a piece on the appeal of The Witcher to new fans with no prior franchise acquaintance. 

Good luck on The Path.

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