The Final Fight Begins: S2E7 Review: “Voleth Meir”

By Tanya Malik Score: 8 “Voleth Meir” is an episode of betrayal, where Yennefer betrays Ciri, Fringilla and the elves betray Nilfgaard, and Tissaia betrays Triss. Dara also betrays the elves as a spy from Redania. Named after the main villain this season despite her limited screen time, the Deathless Mother is neither in theContinue reading “The Final Fight Begins: S2E7 Review: “Voleth Meir””

Warmth and Reunion: S2E6 Review: “Dear Friend…”

By Tanya Malik Score: 7.5 “Dear Friend…” is an event-filled episode that opens in the aftermath of “Turn Your Back”.  Ciri still wants to become a Witcher, but Geralt laments that she only wants revenge. As Geralt and Ciri head South to Ellander through a forest, they are attacked by a chernobog.  Chernobogs are rarelyContinue reading “Warmth and Reunion: S2E6 Review: “Dear Friend…””

The Witcher Finally Earns Its Medallion: Season 2, Episode 1 Review

Score: 9 By Benjamin Rose Audio Version Below Article The Path returns from a year-long hiatus to bring you the first new Netflix’ The Witcher review! As we eagerly await the release of Blood Origin and season 3 in December/January of this upcoming year, Tanya and I will be writing the long-belated episode-by-episode and overallContinue reading “The Witcher Finally Earns Its Medallion: Season 2, Episode 1 Review”