Current Staff

Olivia Snyder

Co-Editor TSS Network/Lead Writer at The Second Stylus

Olivia is a 2020 graduate from Miami University, with a degree in International Studies and Spanish. She is trilingual, and currently works as a full-time interpreter, freelance translator, and English tutor, in addition to being Co-Editor here at TSS. Her hobbies include cooking, martial arts, trying new boba flavors, and listening to conspiracy theory podcasts.

Holly Ross

Staff writer

Holly is a current university student from Cleveland, Ohio. She’s been interested in the fantasy genre since she first read The Frog Princess in the fourth grade. She was introduced to The Witcher franchise through the Netflix series but has since delved into both the novels and video games. Holly is currently working on a fantasy novel of her own and hopes to one day publish it.

Benjamin Rose

Editor, TSS Network/Lead Writer at The Path

Benjamin Rose is the founding Editor of The Path and The Second Stylus Network. He is a freelance writer, poet and author of The Road of Glass. His work has been published in Beyond Words Literary Magazine and The Dillydoun Review.

Haitham Alhad

Senior Web Designer

Haitham is a Computer and Natural Science major from Minerva Schools at KGI. He enjoys working with computers whether it is coding, video games, using different pieces of software, etc. Other hobbies include martial arts, football (soccer) and binge-watching.

Jackie Baird

Staff Writer

Hi, My name is Jackie Baird. I am a graduate of Towson University with a degree in Electronic Media and Film. I have a love for television, film, and writing and am happy to share my talents with The Path.

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