The Witcher

P.F.I. The Last Wish Part 1

A deep dive into The Last Wish as part of a two-part preview of our upcoming 2023 series The Witcher Audio Commentary Project, featuring a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the entire Witcher Saga. Play in new window | Download

A Weapon Geralt Wields Sharper Than Steel or Silver

By Luis Navarro Staff Writer, P.F.I. Co-Host *SPOILERS AHEAD* The Witcher is a medieval fantasy world where we follow Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer for hire. It is a world where the humanization of characters takes center stage. Throughout his journey, Geralt encounters many individual characters with three-dimensional personalities, detailed stories, and complex …

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Death To Detlaff

Yes, he totally deserves it. By Benjamin Rose Some time ago I wrote a piece arguing that the best ending to The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine was the one in which all three major players (Detlaff, Annarietta, and Syanna) die. That has since become our all-time most-viewed article, and I stand by it. But …

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