Death To Detlaff

Yes, he totally deserves it. By Benjamin Rose Some time ago I wrote a piece arguing that the best ending to The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine was the one in which all three major players (Detlaff, Annarietta, and Syanna) die. That has since become our all-time most-viewed article, and I stand by it. ButContinue reading “Death To Detlaff”

Podcast Episode 1: “A Grain of Truth”

Benjamin and Luis talk The Witcher Season 2 Episode 1. Welcome to the inaugural episode of P.F.I! Length: 30:28 Special thanks to Darron Jones II and Andrew Huang for designing our cover and theme music (starting episode 2) respectively. Play in new window | Download

The Aesthetics of Brokilon Forest

By: Holly Ross The first picture we’re painted of Brokilon Forest, in the short story “Sword of Destiny”, is a grim one. The body of a dead teenage boy. A reputation of causing fear. Three warnings. Then two. Now one. These are the first we learn about the forest.  But this is not all thatContinue reading “The Aesthetics of Brokilon Forest”

Why Dara is so Important to the Netflix Adaptation

By Danielle Whitaker One major selling point of Netflix’s adaptation of the Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski is that the show’s creators stay pretty true to what was in the books. One of the biggest distinctions regards the show’s addition of Dara (Wilson Radjou-Pujalte), an elf and fellow refugee who accompanies Ciri (Freya Allan) onContinue reading “Why Dara is so Important to the Netflix Adaptation”

The Witcher’s Complicated Views On Religion

By Benjamin Rose Meddlesome Priests In an early quest offering one of The Witcher 3’s characteristic statements on human vice and venality, Geralt is hired by a priest of the Eternal Fire, the state religion of Novigrad, to burn corpses on the battlefields of Velen to rid the land of necrophages whose existence is offensiveContinue reading “The Witcher’s Complicated Views On Religion”

Elder Speech and How Fantasy Immerses Us Through Language

By: Holly Ross An epic fantasy isn’t an epic fantasy without at least one world-specific language. Whether it be the language of the elves, the language of the gods, or the language of the enemy kingdom from the other side of the world, it isn’t uncommon for a fantasy series to come along with aContinue reading “Elder Speech and How Fantasy Immerses Us Through Language”

The Witcher And Warfare

By Benjamin Rose White Orchard The Witcher 3 begins with a ferocious battle. With Foltest dead, Nilfgaard has invaded the Kingdom of Temeria and laid it to waste. As Yennefer rushes headlong through a battlefield in the opening cinematic, the forces of Nilfgaard and Temeria slaughter each other in pitched combat. Yet when Geralt awakensContinue reading “The Witcher And Warfare”

Yennefer’s Story Continues

By Jacqueline Baird Precursor: This article is a continuation of my last entry, Yennifer’s story. If you have not yet read the first body of work please go back and do so before continuing. Or not, it’s up to you, whatever floats your boat. Now, let’s get back to the story.  When we last sawContinue reading “Yennefer’s Story Continues”