The Bard’s Largest Contribution Isn’t His Music

By Luis Navarro, Staff Writer, P.F.I. Co-Host *Minor Spoilers Ahead* The Witcher series is brimming with great side characters, many of whom are close friends of Geralt, the main protagonist. Characters such as Lambert, Eskel, Zoltan, and even Roche have all aided Geralt in many of his adventures. However, there is another character whose contributionsContinue reading “The Bard’s Largest Contribution Isn’t His Music”

Galadriel: Touching The Darkness

Analyzing Two of Galadriel’s Most Iconic, and Controversial, Scenes By Frankie-Robin Cooper, Staff Writer, P.F.I. Co-Host Wisdom is the fruit of aging, or so I’ve been told. When pondering a character who has lived as long as Galadriel, one wonders what sorts of lessons she has had to learn in order to become the esteemedContinue reading “Galadriel: Touching The Darkness”

The Lesser Evil: A Retrospective

By Benjamin Rose, Editor In the opening hours of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a brief prowl around the pirate-ridden Northwest coast of Velen yields a characteristic micro-drama. If Geralt wanders to the right crossroad, he’ll encounter a group of Northerners preparing to lynch a Nilfgaardian deserter. Off the bat, no information is available aboutContinue reading “The Lesser Evil: A Retrospective”

P.F.I. The Last Wish Part 1

A deep dive into The Last Wish as part of a two-part preview of our upcoming 2023 series The Witcher Audio Commentary Project, featuring a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the entire Witcher Saga. Play in new window | Download

Geralt’s Main Strength: Empathy

By Luis Navarro Staff Writer, P.F.I. Co-Host *SPOILERS AHEAD* The Witcher is a medieval fantasy world where we follow Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer for hire. It is a world where the humanization of characters takes center stage. Throughout his journey, Geralt encounters many individual characters with three-dimensional personalities, detailed stories, and complexContinue reading “Geralt’s Main Strength: Empathy”

P.F.I. Episode 4

P.F.I returns with a discussion of The Witcher Season 2 Episode 4, “Redanian Intelligence”. Personnel Benjamin Rose, Host Luis Navarro, Co-Host Louis Campbell, Sound Engineer Play in new window | Download